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    An eminent leader who has transformed the institution and led everyone to excellence while continuously
    fostering growth. This recognition highlights their visionary leadership and outstanding contribution that has
    positively impacted the organization and its stakeholders. Do you think your CEO is the best? Nominate Now!
    (Valid for CEOs & Managing Directors Only)

    This award aims to recognize, appreciate & empower an individual who has transformed, innovated, and created a
    competitive banking technology for the bank. Their visionary actions have created ripple effects in the industry
    creating a benchmark for others to follow. Have you set a tech benchmark in the KSA banking sector?
    (Valid for CIOs, CTO, & other Banking technology heads only)

    Do you think your bank has achieved new goals & reached various business milestones? Why not nominate your bank
    for the best bank of KSA 2023 Award? (Valid for all the banks operating in KSA)

    Digital banks have been proven to be the banks of the future. This category elevates & appreciates the spirit of
    Digibanks to thrive more and create a convenient and better tomorrow.

    It is said that the customer is the king and if you make your king happy, you are doing it right. If you think
    your bank delivers the best customer experience to your customers.

    The banking industry has been transforming with technology, this category recognizes the best technology
    initiatives in recent times.

    Islamic banking is the largest banking segment in the Kingdom. This category appreciates the Best Islamic Bank
    in KSA.

    This category recognizes the pioneers in retail banks from the KSA region.

    Banks have been the pillar of the Kingdom’s growth and creating a cultural shift from traditional banking to
    modern banking, this category recognizes the efforts taken by the banks and being the emerging bank of the KSA

    Fintechs & Open Banking have been the key to digital transformation for the entire Saudi Banking Industry. This
    recognition empowers the best Fintech Company to create a seamless banking environment for consumers and
    revolutionize the future.

    "NBFIs are the firms that reach out to customers wherein banks are unable to. This award category recognizes the
    Kingdom's best financial services company.

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