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Clayfin is a leading provider of Digital Customer Experience solutions for Banks and Financial institutions. In a rapidly evolving digital world, Clayfin enables Banks and financial institutions to nurture and grow close ties with their customers by providing a superior and seamless omnichannel experience delivered at any digital point of interaction that the customer prefers. Clayfin’s philosophy is to enhance the financial lifestyle for end customers by building Superior Customer experience solutions that will increase the digital footprint, adoption and usage. To enable this, Clayfin products are built on four tenets: simple to use, pervasive, secure and relevant.

Clayfin works across geographies, and currently supports 80+ implementations across 30+ customers in 17 countries, in APAC, Middle East and Africa.

We help businesses make and manage the profitable relationships in the digital age. Brought to you by Quara tech as part of our strategic partnership with CRMNEXT, the leading CRM provider that helps businesses manage CRM in the digital age and deliver high-quality CRM implementations that support businesses grow the engagement, drive profitability and deliver innovation. It does that by eliminating artificial barriers and enabling world-class streamlined interactions from a single or unified platforms.

CRMNEXT has developed the largest banking CRM implementation in the world with 325,000+ users, across 5,000+ locations, in 36 countries.

CRMNEXT is a versatile and customizable tool that can service Banking, insurance and financial services.

• Financial CRM Specialist
• Implementation with Avg. seat size of 10k users.
• Average sunset of 10 applications
• End to end digital CRM
• Built and delivered for scale and complexity
• Extensive core banking integration experience
• Single ownership implementation, zero loss of vision.